Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

At LifeChanger Info Store or Life Changer Review we provide you mostly of digital products. Therefore you have acces immediately after you have purchased and there will no delivery cost being charged.

For those products that require to be send to your place, there will be delivery cost charged. All this depends on where the order has to be sent to and what delivery service the vendor of the product will use. More info you can find on the particular product page of the vendor.

Notice products on this site purchased, can be charged by VAT’s.

We at Lifechanger provide you with the worlds most common payment systems.

You can pay by PayPal and most used Credit Cards.

Most of the products provided on this site are digital products. After you paid the product you get a download link where you can download the product and start with it as soon as it is downloaded on your computer.

Some products use a link where you can use the product online. Therefore you will be send by e-mail the account details from the vendor. After this you can use the product. This process only takes minutes before you have acces to your product.

Mostly you can use your product online and/or after downloading. It depends on what suites you most.

There are some products that need to be delivered at your place to make use of them. It depends on where the product has to be send to. Because we are an international store and those products can be delivered world wide, delivery can take time up to 21 days. However most of them are delivered within a week, but it depends on the country and customrules. The products we provide that need to be send are usually shipped from the USA or UK.

We at LifeChanger will do all there is to protect your data and security when you visit our site

We make use of the most reliable payment systems in the world, where your data is encrypted.

If you are interested in how we use and what we do with your data we suggest you visit our policies pages.

If you find a product on that you want to purchase, you will be send to the vendors page of the product.

There you can make your purchase and choose the kind of payment you want to use.

After you have paid, you get an e-mail with the download link of the product or inlog details to use the product online.

When a product needs to be send to your place, the vendor of the product will notice you by e-mail about the delivery process.

Enjoy your product.

After purchase you will be send an invoice by e-mail.

On this invoice you find the details of your purchased product and the link to find it.