Data Request

Using the form below you can request all data that is stored about you in our application/website to be sent to you via email. After submitting your email address, we will collect all data based on your email address and IP address and send it to the email address you submitted.


Data Erase

Using the form below you can request all data that is stored about you in our application to be deleted from our database. Please note that we do not store any backups of this data so deletion is final and irreversible. As soon as your data is deleted, an email will be sent to your submitted email address. Please make sure you want to delete your information because there is no confirmation dialog after you send your email address.


New GDPR request:

Request type: #@#REQUEST_TYPE#@#
Request date (server time): #@#DATE#@#
Request location: #@#LOCATION#@#
Request email: #@#EMAIL#@#
Client IP: #@#CLIENT_IP#@#


Please note that you manually have to fulfill the request


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